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The Mix Movement: Rallying a city together


The following article is not directly related to any St. Louis sports team, although many players of the Cardinals and Blues do support it. But it is something that will surely touch your hearts.

A story of a small city in Missouri rallying thousands of students, parents, news teams’ and athletes together in the name of just one person who is fighting for their life.

Two days ago, a story was reported that a teacher, Greg Mix at Troy Buchanan High School in Troy, MO, was diagnosed with cancer. Later, it was found he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. That diagnosis struck a cord in the hearts of thousands in Troy High School. For those that do not know, pancreatic cancer has a 5% survival rate, and over 36,000 die from it yearly (4th leading cause of death in America), and despite that, the funding of pancreatic cancer is not very high at all (4% of government research funding goes to cancer research).

The doctors gave Mr. Mix an even shorter time of survival: Only to Thanksgiving, which is only a month away.

But the strong-willed students at Troy would not let Mix face this alone. And thus, the Mix Movement was born. And with every passing day, the movement and outpouring of support grows even stronger.

All over Twitter, thousands of students from Troy, Francis Howell Central, among other high schools, began tweeting and expressing their support of the Mix Movement to the point almost 25,000 tweets have been posted about Mr. Mix, and garnering media attention from local news’ outlets.

But it wasn’t just students and faculty from schools showing their support and sympathy for the Mix Movement. KDSK, Fox 2 News, Cardinals’ players such as Jason Motte expressed support and best wishes for Mr. Mix, and even Alexander Steen and Patrick Berglund of the St. Louis Blues support the Mix Movement.

It’s become a nationwide trend on social media, and word is spreading even faster. Tonight at the Troy Trojans’ football game, a moment of silence will be held in honor of Mix. It shows the power that such a small town as Troy truly has, and how much a city, and a state can stand together for one person. Even the Ellen DeGeneres Show is showing support for the Mix Movement.

Greg Mix has touched the lives of thousands of students, parents, and faculty at the Troy School District, and they are returning the favor.

I personally send my best wishes to Greg Mix and his family in these hard times.