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Ballpark Village Set For Opening Day


Well Cardinal Nation, 22 more days until pitchers and catchers report. Hang in there.

If you’re going to Opening Day at Busch Stadium on April 7, 2014, I have some good news…

As most of you know, Ballpark Village is set to be open on Opening day! Blueprints show that there will be many great features to this great plan. For example, we are adding a nice Chicago touch to Ballpark Village by putting bleachers attached to the building. These bleachers will be available on all game days, having a great overview of the ballpark to watch our Cardinals play.

There is also an addition that I, and almost everybody in Cardinal Nation, is excited about. You said it right – Ted Drewes! Now, on a hot summer day game, you can enjoy the St. Louis classic ice cream.

A restaurant that will be a big hit will be Cardinals Nation. Cardinals Nation restaurant is expected to have many features. It is reported to be said, via Fox 2 News, that Cardinals Nation will include a Hall of Fame, a big dinning area, and as said, seats to watch the game. Cardinals Nation will by far be the biggest restaurant in St. Louis.

It is now reported, that Cardinals Nation is now putting out hundreds of jobs for people who are not only looking for a job, but people who have a great love for the Cardinals themselves. At the bottom of this article, I will post a link for anybody who is interested in applying to be a worker at Cardinals Nation. This will be a great opportunity for anybody who really wants to be a part of Cardinal Nation!

If you haven’t yet, make plans to be at Ballpark Village on Opening Day, to be a part of a start to a very successful addition to St. Louis.

No more trying to figure out what you want to do before a Cardinals game. There will be many things to do at Ballpark Village.

This is what us Cardinals fans have been waiting for for many years now. If you’re not excited about Ballpark Village, then you need to get your head straight!

It’s going to be a very exciting year, Cardinal Nation! Again, if you would like information about applying for a job at Cardinals Nation, the link will be down below. Also, a link to the Fox 2 News report about the job search for Ballpark Village.

See you Opening Day!

Keep flying, Cardinal Nation.

Carly Schaber

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Wanting a job at Ballpark Village?

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